CHA provide a comprehensive building surveying service to a variety of clients in relation to commercial, retail and industrial buildings.

Our Chartered Building Surveyors have appropriate skills and experience to produce a professional report to our clients to assist with their specific requirements. The various commercial surveying services we offer are described below:

Dilapidation claims for landlords and tenants

Lease conditions provide legal responsibilities on tenants of buildings to correct defects and dilapidations which occur during their period of occupancy.

It is normal practice for a landlord to produce a schedule of dilapidations for consideration by the tenant so that the extent and cost of the claim can be agreed by both parties.

CHA provide professional advice to Landlords or tenants to assist with the negotiation of dilapidations claims.

Pre – lease condition surveys

Prior to entering a new lease agreement on a commercial property we would always recommend a prospective tenant to commission a pre – lease condition survey.

Following a detailed survey, a CHA report will highlight any existing defects which should be corrected by the Landlord or recorded so that they do not form part of a future dilapidations claim.

Planned maintenance advice

Buildings are usually essential for businesses to operate from although they can be very costly to maintain.

CHA offer a surveying and reporting service to assist clients with the proactive management of their maintenance requirements.

Costs can be controlled and spread over a planned period to assist clients with cash flow and budget preparations.

Housing stock condition reports

In recent years, CHA have been commissioned by Local Authorities and Housing Associations to provide condition reports on their housing stock.

We have the in-house surveying capacity to undertake large surveys and produce digital or manual reports in a variety of formats to satisfy client requirements.

Refurbishment schemes

The spatial arrangements of buildings often need to change to satisfy the user’s requirements.

A CHA survey can assess the buildings ability to accommodate the required changes.

We can then design and project manage alterations to the building structure, fabric and services, using building contractors selected from our approved list.